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Benefits Of Joining the Guild Website....

Eastrid, Jan 10, 12 7:14 AM.
I know some of you are new to the MMORPG type game. I find this guild to be a more friendly only thou we are all not on at the same time. We try to trade and give items between each other over selling outside the guild, or at lease I do. I want to make sure we have everything we need to become stronger as a whole, and not just a few of the more talkative members of the guild.

Anyway reasons for a guild site help's me keep order of everyone and their Alt's. This isn't a big deal but since I want to keep this guild at about 60 members I need to know how many I have and not everyone I have and their Alt's cause that then tends to keep the guild a lot smaller and non active.

One big thing is end game raiding and just group events. In this MMO there's only 16 man runs for raids. Here it is first come first sever thou we will need to balance the groups thou we will X so many tanks and healing classes. If we have spots then myself or who ever is running the event or raid will ask in guild chat if anyone else wants to join. Then even after that we will pick up pugs outside the guild if we are still short.

This is a nice place to introduce yourself's so we can get to know each other. Since this is a smaller guild I find it nice to have a little online family. lol It's also a chance to tell everyone your MMO back round, so newer players know who they should ask for help.

Well I talked to much Myself (Zelda) and/or Dale will try to keep this site as updated as we can. I know I will take pics with the people I play with and maybe write a little story for it. Peace out for now, and I hope to see more of you joining soon. 

Web Site Online

KOTOT, Jan 8, 12 7:59 PM.
1st update, Dale Gribble reporting.

We are in the process of developing a site for the guild. Knights if the Old TriForce. This guild was founded by Zelda, the leader of the guild. We intend to bring more updates to the site as we can progress through the design process. Look forward to meeting the rest of you in game.

Dale Gribble signing off.
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